Online car registration: what to consider?

So far, however, it has not been possible to avoid waiting time at the vehicle registration office. However, with the introduction of online vehicle registration, the vehicle registration process will now be faster and easier online. Here you will find out how to register, modify or deregister your car or motorcycle online in the shortest possible time and what you need to bear in mind when doing so.

Online car registration

The new system has so far been activated in three steps, and the fourth is also planned for the near future. Due to the introduction of a new registration certificate and badges stamped with hidden security codes, the first step has been implemented. If you wish to re-register your car online in the same registration district with the same owner with the plate number reserved at the time of registration, this is possible. The second step has also enabled real-time data transfer to the Central Vehicle Register throughout the country. However, it was only possible to re-register approved vehicles. After the introduction of the second part of the registration certificate, the foundation stone was laid for the third step of the digitization of the infrastructure of the Federal Ministry of Transport. Since October 1, 2019, applications for all business transactions at the vehicle registration office can be submitted online. The fourth stage of vehicle registration via the Internet is expected to benefit legal entities, primarily companies, in the future. This is because until now, the online vehicle registration procedure has only been available for private vehicles.

Online registration: Requirements

The most important requirement is that your vehicle has been registered for the first time. Only then will you have a registration certificate with a hidden security code. This code must be scratched off during the online application. In addition, an ID card with the online function activated and your personal identification number (PIN) are required. The online function allows you to identify yourself online if you have a card reader. You can activate the online identification function at the responsible Resident Registration Office. The application checks whether your cell phone requires a Bluetooth card reader. An NFC chip is required for wireless data transfer with your cell phone. If it is available on your cell phone, the application is normally sufficient for identification.

Online registration, transfer and deregistration of vehicles : Procedure

Traffic offices are administered at the municipal level. Usually, the traffic office is located in the Citizens and Public Order offices of the respective municipalities. Especially in larger municipalities and cities, the traffic office is often divided into a vehicle registration office and a driver's license office. In addition, there are often branches in larger cities, where the most important services are also offered. Vehicle registration is one of the most frequently used administrative procedures. Registering your car or motorcycle online is a seven-step process:
  • Identification using your cell phone or card reader
  • Scratch off the security code from the vehicle registration certificate, part I (in case of a change of ownership, also the code from part II) and enter the vehicle identification number in the input mask.
  • Enter the vehicle identification number, proof of a valid general inspection, your IBAN for debiting the motor vehicle tax and your insurance number, which you will receive by e-mail after you have concluded your motor insurance policy.
  • In the next step, you choose the desired license plate number, a free or reserved license plate of
Automatic data verification :
  • After the transfer of the fees (by online transfer, SEPA direct debit or credit card), your request will be sent to the competent authority
  • After two to three days, you will receive the notification of admission, the two admission certificates and the stickers for the license plates. The control seals can be affixed correctly using the instructions.
The procedure is simpler if you want to re-register your motorcycle or car. For this purpose, you submit the application online and receive the provisional registration certificate in the mailbox of your portal. From that moment on, your vehicle is re-registered. The documents will be sent by mail. However, in case of a change of owner, the same steps are necessary as for registration.

Online car registration: Costs

There are cost differences for online registration authority business transactions, depending on location. However, for some transactions, these costs are higher than for the vehicle registration office, as additional fees are incurred when processing an online application. For example, information sheets on the procedure are sent, the Part II registration certificate even by registered mail or postal delivery certificate. But in return, you save the trip to the registration office and thus your valuable time.

Stems to reduce waiting time at the registration desk

If online registration is not an alternative for you, the following tips can help you avoid long wait times at the driver's licence office. In many cases, an appointment can be made in advance, either by phone or directly on the Internet. If you have not been able to make an appointment, or if you wish to use the service on a short-term basis, you should avoid coming between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., as experience shows that the rush is heavier at that time. It is preferable to arrive shortly before closing time or directly in the early morning. In some large cities, where crowds are particularly high, it may even be useful to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the usual opening hours. You'll have to wait a bit in front of the closed door, but you can be sure that no other concerns will stop the clerk. In any case, it is important to check the website of the responsible traffic office to be aware of any deviations from the hours of operation.

Power to register vehicles

Finally, it is very important to verify in advance the completeness of the required documents. It can be annoying to discover on the spot that some documents are missing and the process slows down, often without you being able to see the clerk. You can have someone else register, deregister or re-register your car for you. To do this, you can issue a power of attorney for the registration of the car. In this case, another possibility for you would be to register your car online, which can be requested 24 hours a day. Without waiting time and from anywhere.
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