Driving a car with a flag, additional insurance

In the context of analyzing correct behavior in road traffic during the European Championship, with a focus on the host countries, this article will quote from recreational vehicle experts, including an automotive product development manager and an automotive claims manager.

References to foreign insurance coverage and the wearing of the Green Card are described in great detail

Liability insurance policies are not based on the same conditions and especially not on the same amounts of coverage for each country, and it is recommended to take out comprehensive insurance. It is certainly also useful to have a "Cover Note" type insurance that helps in case of breakdown, accident or theft of the vehicle abroad and provides for a tow truck or a replacement vehicle, for example. And, within certain limits, also covers the costs. If you want to be even more insured, foreign damage insurance is also advisable. If you are involved in damage abroad through no fault of your own, you will be compensated by your own insurer - in accordance with the Damage Compensation Act. Please note that the protection generally only applies in EU countries.

The co-insurance of gross negligence in case of theft of the vehicle. Is this the case?

Not quite, because here you have to pay close attention to the conditions of the individual insurance policies. As a general rule, the waiver of the gross negligence objection does not apply in case of theft. The advice to "Always remove flags" when the vehicle is parked unattended is therefore correct and avoids trouble in the event of a claim.

Everybody runs in the streets and forms a procession. Is this even allowed?

Actually, no, the roads should only be used for normal driving, unnecessary back and forth is prohibited by law. But the police generally turn a blind eye to this situation, in case of victory.

If you ride in a motorcade, should you turn on the hazard lights?

It is not a good idea, because hazard warning lights can only be turned on if you have a breakdown or if you want to signal a danger, tow another vehicle or act as a bus at a bus stop. None of this is the case with a motorcade. Therefore, hazard warning lights should not be used here as decorative lights.

People lean out of the car window onto the Corso, stand in an open convertible or sit in the trunk. Is this really a good idea?

The risk of injury is very high for people who engage in this type of behaviour. And the owner of the vehicle must also make sure that his or her motor vehicle liability insurance is charged if he or she has to pay for the consequences of injuries to passengers. And this will usually be unavoidable if the driver tolerates passengers putting themselves in harm's way.

A flag on my car. Does the insurance really cover me if I break it or lose it?

Although car flags are vehicle accessories, they are not firmly attached to the vehicle within the meaning of the insurance conditions. Therefore, they are not insured against loss or vandalism under the comprehensive insurance. However, one other thing should be noted about the loss of the flag: something else will happen if the owner loses the flag. No one is going to pay for the flag itself. If you lose the flag and a pedestrian is injured by it, or another car is damaged, then damage has been done to that location. Liability insurance will have to pay for this.
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