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When should we take our car to the garage for servicing?

A new car is an expensive investment. No wonder the Germans are keeping their cars longer and longer. Unfortunately, car owners also like to save money on car maintenance and inspection at the garage. But if you want to drive…

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The Importance of Fuel Additives for Used Cars

Car owners should always make sure they keep the needs of their car in mind. Regardless of make and model, every vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The engine can be one of your biggest concerns, especially…

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What to do if you lose your car key?

A key disappears quickly when you move around a lot. It doesn’t matter if it slips out of your pocket while jogging or falls to the ground during a workout and disappears irretrievably under a heavy piece of exercise equipment,…

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What to do in case of a rock fall on a vehicle?

All motorists are probably familiar with this problem: falling rocks on the car. They are almost inevitable and are a typical problem, especially in the spring. The danger increases especially when the snow or winter has receded and the roads…

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