What to do in case of a rock fall on a vehicle?

All motorists are probably familiar with this problem: falling rocks on the car. They are almost inevitable and are a typical problem, especially in the spring. The danger increases especially when the snow or winter has receded and the roads are clear again. Not all rock falls are the same, the causes are few but the damage and consequences are considerable.

The causes

Non-compliance with traffic signs is often the cause of accidents. Rock falls are sometimes due to the fact that many roads have been sprinkled with gravel during the winter months to ensure greater safety. However, this gravel remains behind in the spring and thus increases the risk of falling rocks. Many motorists are particularly concerned about damage to the windshield in the first place, but the damage caused can be even more problematic. The consequence of falling stones vehicle is variable depending on the case and the affected parts.

The damage

Stone falls on the vehicle destroy not only the windshield, the bodywork, but especially the paintwork and the additional rust protection function. This can have bad consequences if a driver does not immediately notice these places and takes this countermeasure. But the first point to consider is why rock falls can be so dangerous. In everyday automobile life, there are often small rock falls that cause only minimal "damage" to the vehicle and therefore do not present a direct danger of rust. As a general rule, "real stone chipping" occurs when it penetrates the paint. However, this does not mean that it can be clearly seen. Sometimes there are spots that look like a normal scratch caused by a stone. However, small stains have developed that go all the way to the bare metal. This is especially common with stones that are very sharp. So do not underestimate the importance of the impact of the stones. Once the metal is attacked, the rust is starting to start. Therefore, all areas should always be examined very carefully and treated if there is any uncertainty. In this way, as a driver, as every motorist knows, rust is the creeping death of any vehicle. Rust greatly reduces the value of the vehicle. It is therefore generally wise and always recommended to prevent this from happening. But mostly because it is not at all difficult to introduce certain measures that can prevent the development of rust. However, there are also very special tricks to remedy the damage and consequence of falling stones vehicle.

How to remedy them?

To avoid and remedy all kinds of accidents, car insurance is a legal precaution and prevention with an insurance company by establishing an insurance contract. It also facilitates civil liability in case of accident. To remedy the consequence of falling stones vehicle, it is impossible to prevent falling stones sooner or later. However, "repairing" the damage caused to the vehicle afterwards is already a good remedial decision. A simple variation of the way to treat stone falls is to polish the respective affected parts or areas. Polishing allows a new protective layer to be applied to the car, so that no rust can form at the area in question. Usually the problem is that the polished area can be seen. But this can take a long time and is therefore rarely actually done. Nevertheless, it is one of the best and most effective solutions to prevent rust. Another variant would of course be painting. However, this solution is hardly economically viable and therefore should not be examined in detail. However, another household remedy allows much simpler and more effective measures: good old Vaseline, which is also used in windscreen wipers to soften them. This product can be used just as effectively for stone chipping, as it has a considerable advantage. Vaseline is water resistant and forms a protective film on the damaged area where it is applied. This prevents water from hitting bare metal. The development of rust is therefore not possible. In addition, there is no Vaseline residue, as is the case when polishing. This possibility is fast, clean and particularly effective.
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