When should we take our car to the garage for servicing?

A new car is an expensive investment. No wonder the Germans are keeping their cars longer and longer. Unfortunately, car owners also like to save money on car maintenance and inspection at the garage. But if you want to drive your car for a while longer, you have to take care of it. In fact, you should have a garage car inspection periodically, but when?

When should a garage car inspection be done?

As vehicles age, damage and defects increase. These are typical signs of age. If you want to avoid long-term consequences for your car, you should have a garage car inspection regularly. Especially for older vehicles, minor damage can quickly become very expensive.

What is the difference between a garage car inspection and maintenance and service?

In contrast to TÜV inspections, garage car inspections, maintenance or service are not mandatory. It is simply different manufacturers' names for one and the same thing. A regular and systematic check of the operating condition of your vehicle. It is up to you to decide whether you follow this garage car inspection recommendation, however, please note that the manufacturer's warranty may be voided if you do not follow the maintenance intervals.

How often should I have a garage car inspection?

There are two intervals for maintenance or inspection: time and mileage. This means that a car should always be inspected after a certain number of kilometers. The distances here differ depending on the manufacturer. Often between 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers are specified. The time intervals are also not the same for all professionals in this field. A time interval of one year, for example, indicates that a vehicle must be inspected at least once a year. Even if the mileage interval has not yet been reached. This is because many parts can also wear out when the car is stationary. It is common practice to perform an inspection every 1-2 years. Vehicles from some manufacturers also calculate the inspection time individually according to their use in on-board electronics. The first inspection of many new cars is already scheduled after a few thousand kilometers and is often included in the purchase price.

The importance of the garage car inspection?

Regular inspections of your vehicle allow you to enjoy your car for a long time. But there are also other important aspects: what exactly does the workshop do during an inspection? Im mainly maintenance lists created by the manufacturer, which indicate what their customers need to have checked or replaced at what time on their car. These include routine measures such as oil changes or the replacement of various filters. You may be able to perform a few small operations yourself and save the price. In addition to maintenance, inspection or service, workshops also distinguish between what is called inspection. This is done if you notice anything unusual while using the car. Or if you have your vehicle inspected before a long trip.

The cost of a car shop inspection

On a lump sum basis, the costs of a car garage inspection are always linked to the associated measures. If there is significant wear and tear due to certain driving styles, parts must be replaced accordingly. In addition, most manufacturers still differentiate between large and small inspections. These take place at different time intervals. A large inspection usually costs between 400 and 800 dollars. Smaller inspections are usually available for less than 300 dollars. As mentioned, these prices can vary considerably depending on the measurements and the professional who performs the car garage inspection.
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