What to do if you lose your car key?

A key disappears quickly when you move around a lot. It doesn't matter if it slips out of your pocket while jogging or falls to the ground during a workout and disappears irretrievably under a heavy piece of exercise equipment, it's always extremely annoying. There are many options for dealing with the loss of your car keys, but the inevitable solution is to get a new key in response to the loss, which is not always easy and can be expensive.

Technology: a contingency troubleshooter

It's a good thing that there are now intelligent devices like the key finder. Thanks to innovative Bluetooth technology, you can find your key by locating it with your smartphone or remote control. Besides the fact that not everyone has such an ingenious device, it can even be frustrating in some situations. Recovery can be difficult, so you'll probably never get your key back, even if you know exactly where it is. For example, a key that has slipped down the drain is difficult to recover. If the key falls into a body of water while jogging, even the best navigation system won't help. You'll need to hire a professionally trained locksmith to open the door with various technical aids or use a key renewal service from a car dealer.

How do I get my car keys back?

If you lose your car keys and you don't have a spare, the first thing to do is to file a report of loss or theft with the police or gendarmerie. You can then have a new key made by a specialist of your choice:
  • The car dealer
Car manufacturers model and manufacture their own keys and are entitled to issue a new key to vehicle owners upon presentation of supporting documents (vehicle registration and other vehicle papers to validate the owner's identity). Depending on the level of sophistication of the key, it can take a relatively long time to obtain your new key, which can be a problem if you rely primarily on your car for travel. The dealer may, however, offer you the opportunity to drive another vehicle. It should be noted that the renewal of the car key is the responsibility of the owner, even if he or she has comprehensive car insurance. In fact, the insurer generally stipulates when signing the contract that it will not compensate for the loss of the car keys under any circumstances. Even if there is no reimbursement offered by the insurance companies, the insured can however benefit from an assistance guarantee characterized by a breakdown service to the nearest dealer or even a repatriation home in case he misplaces his keys.
  • The specialized locksmith
You can also use the services of a specialized automotive locksmith, but you will still need to show proof. These service providers are especially effective for older car models where the key is limited to opening and closing your vehicle. They are also able to make a replacement key for a key with a transponder if you provide the code of the transponder key. But for keys equipped with newer generation transponders, it is recommended that you turn to a car dealer.

Tips for finding a good locksmith

There are huge differences, especially in the major emergency services. Indeed, many people pay far too much, either because they seize the emergency service at the wrong time and therefore have to pay extra for the night and vacations, or because it is too far away and there is a charge for arrival and departure. In addition, a good emergency key service will inform you of the price before the door is opened. Ideally, the company is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and is located close to your home. Opening the door without damage should be the rule. Since not only the keys to the house and apartment are lost, it can of course happen that the emergency service has to open the car. Especially when a fixed appointment is pending, it is very annoying if the key is lost somewhere or even in the locked car and no replacement is available.

If the car key is missing

If you misplace your car key, you should immediately check whether your car is still in the parking lot. In particular, if the car has been stolen, the police must be alerted immediately. It is not uncommon for car keys, in particular, to be stolen, and this can happen in a swimming pool as well as in a busy gym. It is therefore important to never leave car keys unattended in the locker room or leave them in an unsecured place during training. Finally, it is preferable to keep your keys close to your body in a zippered pocket.
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