Protection devices against car theft

Published on : 21 January 20215 min reading time

For many households, the car is a valuable asset, sometimes indispensable in everyday life. That is why it is important to ensure its security against damage but also against theft. Companies are now offering effective ways to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Some features come as standard and are supposed to make life difficult for thieves. We will show you the common and effective ways to protect your car against theft. While there is no ultimate protection against theft, some features deter criminals from breaking and entering, while others make it really difficult for even the most expert thief to steal.

What is the best way to protect yourself against car theft?

First of all, it is important to know that almost any vehicle can be stolen, both in its entirety and for some of its parts, even when locked up in a garage. But luxury and high-quality cars, which can be quickly turned into cash abroad, are particularly appreciated by thieves. Certain types of parts such as the navigation or audio systems, or the wheels, headlights and battery are often stolen by thieves.

Many drivers may consider it commonplace, but locking the doors is already an important security and protection element. Many owners forget to lock the doors when parking for a short period of time, leaving the way open for criminals. If you have an electronic door lock, always make sure the car is locked. Many thieves these days use radio frequency jammers that block the signal so that the car is not locked even if the remote control is pressed. This is an expert theft that takes place without breaking and entering, called mouse-jacking. Make sure all doors, including the trunk, and windows are locked and if possible, do it mechanically with the key and not with the remote control.

Windows left ajar are an invitation for a thief, and allow for a quick theft of the car. GPS and alarm systems are also a common means of protection against theft. However, they are rather dissuasive and are only really effective if you can react quickly to the signal. If the car is parked in a remote area, the system does not do its job and is quickly silenced by the thief.

Keep in mind that the best protection against car theft starts with your vigilance.

The devices against car theft

There are several types of locks, and many ways to prevent, or at least reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Generally, the use of a third-party ignition lock is prohibited. Currently, protection can be provided, for example, by electronic immobilizers. These locks exist particularly in high-value vehicles, but are increasingly becoming a standard feature on all newer vehicles.

On the other hand, there are more mechanical and physical means that are good anti-theft devices. For example, steering wheel locks are devices that have proven themselves against car theft. This type of device prevents the use of the steering wheel, thus prohibiting any attempt to drive the car. However, for optimum security, it is imperative to choose a well-made device to guarantee security. In combination with the integrated steering wheel lock, which is usually supplied as standard by the manufacturers, the claws should offer good protection, but they are not an absolute anti-theft device.

In addition, you can also secure the rims. There are rim locks or parking claws, which prevent the wheels from turning and therefore from rolling normally. Although the locks have to be removed and replaced each time, which takes time and effort, this additional obstacle also takes a lot of time for a potential car thief. A measure that ultimately makes car theft less likely.

Additional measures against the risk of car theft

If you park outside your enclosed property, you should use safe and well-lit areas at night if possible. Whenever possible, cars should not be parked in public traffic areas, but always in a garage, or at least in a secure, guarded enclosure.

Nowadays, the starting of vehicles is dependent on many electronic devices. These devices take the form of a card or electronic chip integrated into the ignition key, which is the only way to start the car, and is therefore an effective anti-theft device. The loss of the key is therefore a major risk factor for car theft. As a precaution, make sure you always store your key ring and any duplicate keys in a discreet and secure place.

In addition, video surveillance can be useful, as well as the installation of a GPS tracker. It is not futile either to install an onboard camera in the vehicle. In this case, the objective of the tracker being more to find a stolen car because generally, these systems do not prevent theft. They are particularly useful in the case of a carjacking. Finally, it should be remembered that it is possible to take out insurance to protect against theft. The cost of such insurance can sometimes be a disincentive for some, but when you think about it, especially when the vehicle has a high value, it may be worth considering it to obtain a right to compensation.

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