How do you measure your car’s tire pressure?

Tire pressure should always be set optimally and should be measured regularly. However, many drivers neglect this work, which can have a negative effect on driving behavior. We will show you how you can easily measure the tire pressure yourself. It's not that difficult and can be done in a few minutes. At the same time, you can improve the pressure so that you can drive more safely again.

Why should I check my car tire pressure regularly?

Tire pressure should be checked regularly to ensure that tires wear evenly while driving. If the tire pressure is (too) low, the tires will be too wide in the middle of the road. As a result, more power is required as resistance increases while driving. More power means more fuel is needed, so you need to fill up more often. The increase in fuel consumption is especially financially significant for frequent drivers who must drive tens of thousands of kilometers a year. If, on the other hand, tire pressure is too high, it can also affect you and other road users. In this case, there is not enough tire surface on the road. Although less friction can reduce fuel consumption, it also increases the risk of an accident. Due to the small contact area, the vehicle no longer has enough grip and may skid during hard braking. Especially on very wet and icy surfaces, serious accidents are unavoidable. If you find that the tire pressure is too high, it is recommended that you let some air out of the tires of your car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

What is the best way to control the pressure?

You can check tire pressure at almost any gas station. There are measuring devices available near the gas station where you can simultaneously replenish the air in the tire. To do this, remove the valve cap from the tire and attach the tube of the measuring system to the valve. On the measuring screen you can see the tire pressure. You will find the correct pressure in the description of your vehicle or, depending on the vehicle, for example also on the inside of the fuel tank cap or in the entry area of the driver's door. But also on the tire itself, the optimum or maximum pressure is indicated in bar. Once you have determined the correct pressure, you can easily compare whether it corresponds to the measured values. If there is a lack of air in the tire, you can fill it with air on the spot. This service is usually free of charge or can be performed for a small fee.

When should I check my tire pressure?

It is recommended that tire pressure be measured regularly, as properly inflated tires reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, you can also take this opportunity to check for tire damage. It is also advisable to check the tire when it is heavily loaded. If the car carries many people or is heavily loaded during transport, the pressure should be equalized. The pressure should also be checked if you leave the car in cool places such as underground parking lots for a long period of time. In this case, the tire pressure will also decrease due to the cold ambient temperature and you must measure it again. On hot summer days, tire pressure will increase due to the high ambient temperature, which may require you to remove some air. Tire pressure should also be checked when changing tires in winter and summer. Due to longer storage, tire pressure can also change and should be adjusted before driving.

Is it possible to measure tire pressure at home?

You can also measure tire pressure at home. There are special devices that you can purchase and attach to the valve to check it. These measuring devices can also be purchased with a digital display. Many of these devices also provide an air supply at the same time. Please note that the devices are equipped with a pump that is compatible with car valves. In addition, the four valves of the vehicle can be equipped with additional measuring instruments. These then emit an acoustic signal if the tire pressure changes negatively. The tire pressure monitoring system can be purchased for a relatively low price and then always knows exactly when the tire needs to be re-inflated. This saves you from having to regularly measure the tire pressure at the gas station.
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