What can I do about squeaking windshield wipers?

The windshield wiper is only a relatively simple little item on the car and yet it is so important. With a small movement of the steering wheel, it starts to help about 80% of the windshield see through. This is essential for safe driving, especially in bad weather and heavy traffic. That's why it's important to always make sure the wiper is working perfectly. At the same time, it must work in such a way that it does not become a disruptive factor, which can happen very quickly due to an annoying clicking or squeaking noise and distract you from traffic.

How do windshield wipers squeak?

The most common cause of windshield wiper squeaking is dirt build-up on the wiper blades, which is perfectly normal and common over time, especially in bad weather. As soon as the wipers squeak, they do not need to be replaced immediately, but should be cleaned urgently so that the wiper function is not impaired and your concentration is not disturbed. It is even better not to wait for a squeak at all, but always perform regular cleaning, which will also prolong the life of the wipers. It is recommended to check and clean the wipers about every six months or whenever necessary.

Optimal cleaning of the windshield wipers

For comfortable and optimal cleaning, it is always recommended to remove the wiper, so that it can be used everywhere. A conventional nail brush is suitable for cleaning, whose cleaning power usually removes typical dirt. It is best to brush at right angles to the rubberized strip of the wiper. Use normal water with a commercial dishwashing liquid or a special cleaning product available (but not necessarily necessary), this is usually sufficient. If a slightly tougher film has settled on the wipers, a kitchen cloth soaked in undiluted antifreeze for the windshield washer is an ideal aid.

How can I avoid damaging the wipers?

You must absolutely refrain from using special solvents such as special thinners or even petrol. With such agents, you always run the risk of damaging the rubber material and especially the coatings that may be present, such as the graphite compound present in high quality windshield wipers. Such damage can impair the effectiveness of the wipers or even render the wiper completely unusable. It's best to clean wipers regularly and carefully to ensure continuous visibility while driving. To further increase life, it is also advisable to spray the wiper lips with a little silicone every three months. This will help maintain the flexibility of the rubber and avoid porous areas that can quickly become the beginning of the end of a functional wiper.

Regular replacement, even with optimal cleaning

As mentioned earlier, cleaning is often sufficient without having to replace the wipers, or at least the wiper blades with new ones. Nevertheless, even with regular maintenance, you will notice that the quality of the material deteriorates and, over time, increasingly porous areas appear that reduce not only stability but also wiping power. Experts recommend replacement after about a year to be sure. When you choose new wipers, you are faced with an ever-increasing range of different models. Many manufacturers offer models that are recommended primarily because of the natural rubber chosen as the material. But there are also advantageous versions made of synthetic rubber. The insider tip is a combination of both, the upper part using the advantages of synthetic, while the windscreen wiping part is convincing thanks to natural rubber. These models also impress with their practicality: they are virtually unaffected by hot summer temperatures and their service life is automatically extended.
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